Diagnoses & Conditions

The Portal’s Diagnosis Modules provide information, tools, and resources to guide clinicians in caring for children with chronic and complex conditions. Each module includes sections on:
• Description • Treatment & Management • Resources for Families
• Clinical Assessment • Resources for Clinicians • Services for Patients & Families

The Modules are written for primary care clinicians, but offer valuable information for other professionals and caregivers, including families.

The Portal also offers Frequently Asked Questions pages on most of the diagnoses, written specifically for parents & families.

If you don't find the condition you're looking for below, see Other Names for Diagnoses & Conditions. If we don't have a Module for the condition, you may find information at National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD), MedlinePlus: Genetics (NLM), or GeneReviews (NLM).

Our Diagnosis Prevalence List uses data from published studies to estimate the number of children with each of 150 chronic conditions to expect in a practice.